The Meaning Behind Raw...

The most asked question we receive is... what does Raw Art mean?

People thought we were art classes, but the meaning behind the name Raw Art goes beyond the surface value. Raw Art Dance is an open sanctuary for kids, adults, males, females, black, white, young, and old to create, and to feel larger than life. When a dancer walks through our doors they are RAW. They have no dance training, very insecure and unsure of themselves, but so special and unique. It is exciting, as a dance teacher, to be able to teach to a blank canvas. To mold this next generation into an artist who knows what it means to feel through music and moves.

Located in Cleveland, TN, Raw Art Dance and Entertainment for the past three years and counting have tested, irritated and confronted traditional stereotypes as the "Christian" Dance studio. What is CHRISTIAN dancing? When I studied at Oral Roberts University, I never had a class in "Christian" dance. Worship - yes, but worship is a heart thing between God and the individual. Dancing is an after effect of the feeling of worship, HOWEVER, that is one style of dance which we call Lyrical.

What about hip hop? Are we allowed to turn on some music with a good bass and dance? What about the quality? Just because we love Jesus and we showcase it by how we treat others, we are considered less than or mediocre? For the past three years, we have encountered these stereotypes, but we did not ever allow them to affect our vision and above our vision, HIS Vision. The way we see it, because we proclaim His Name proudly we have HIGHER standards.

Raw Art Dance is funky, quirky, genuine, loving, out of the box, modern and certainly radical. We the culture of the next set of entertainers... We are no longer okay with being a little secret.

This post is Raw - authentic and imperfect, and that is the beautiful thing about Raw Art Dance. We don't want perfection just excellence.






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