Five Things Competition Dance Moms and Dads Should Know!

I have been in the competitive dance world for over 10 years, both dancing and directing. The biggest thing I have learned over time is how important it is to be prepared for a dance competition. Dance competitions are fun, exciting and very rewarding, BUT these tips would help any dance mom and dance dad.

1. Double Check, Triple Check!

You can never be sure if you have everything or even everyone. Having a list and checking it before you go to bed and before you leave the house is vital and can save you in the long run.

2. Be on time!

If you have been in the dance world long enough, you can agree that dance competitions are unpredictable. A dance competition can be an hour ahead of schedule or an hour late. Make sure your dancer is there even 30 minutes before your teacher said to better prepare themselves. No one likes to feel rushed especially rookies.


Speaking on behalf of all of the dance teachers, the worst thing a parent can do is panic and cause a scene. Whether you forgot hairspray or the make-up you just took 30 minutes to do doesn't look like how you want it, do not panic. Your child goes off of your energy and whatever you feel. It is already nerve-racking to get on a stage, we do not need any additional stress.

4. Represent!

Just like if your favorite sports team got into the Superbowl, dance competitions are your child's Superbowl! Wear your studio's gear to make sure they know that you are proud of the team they are on!

5. Bring A Book Or Even Work!

Dance competitions can be very long. Bring your work or even a good book to kill some time!

Hope this helps!

Thank you,

Miss D





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