I have been in the competitive dance world for over 10 years, both dancing and directing. The biggest thing I have learned over time is how important it is to be prepared for a dance competition. Dance competitions are fun, exciting and very rewarding, BUT these tips would help any dance mom and dance dad.

1. Double Check, Triple Check!

You can never be sure if you have everything or even everyone. Having a list and checking it before you go to bed and before you leave the house is vital and can save you in the long run.

2. Be on time!

If you have been in the dance world long enough, you can agree that dance competitions are unpredictable. A dance competition can be an hour ahead of schedule or an hour late. Make sure your dancer is...

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Each year, our dance studio celebrated the birth of Christ through dancing and singing. This year's event will be held at Cleveland Middle School at 6pm. Please purchase your tickets at our main location in Cleveland, TN. For any more questions, please contact us via email at We cannot wait to serve you and your family! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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The most asked question we receive is... what does Raw Art mean?

People thought we were art classes, but the meaning behind the name Raw Art goes beyond the surface value. Raw Art Dance is an open sanctuary for kids, adults, males, females, black, white, young, and old to create, and to feel larger than life. When a dancer walks through our doors they are RAW. They have no dance training, very insecure and unsure of themselves, but so special and unique. It is exciting, as a dance teacher, to be able to teach to a blank canvas. To mold this next generation into an artist who knows what it means to feel through music and moves.

Located in Cleveland, TN, Raw Art Dance and Entertainment for the past three years and counting have tested, irr...

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Tis The Season To Be Dancing! A dance class for $25 per month!

Boys Hip Hop


Hip Hop 2


In the month of November, RAD is having a combo dance class special! Sign up for these select classes, Monday Lyrical 1/2, Commerical Street Jazz, Tuesday Boys Hip Hop, or Hip Hop 2, for an additional $25 per class for the rest of the dance season! This applies to new, transfer and current students!

For more information, please contact us at or 423.716.8372.


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